Changes and Corrections Before the Festival

  • Competition Schedules will be emailed to studios by JANUARY 31st, 2019. Changes and corrections must be submitted in writing by FEBRUARY 15th, 2019. Studios teachers/owners are asked to carefully review this summary to ensure your dancers/groups are in the correct age category, discipline and that spelling is correct.

  • After FEBRUARY 15th, 2019, any changes or corrections will be permitted BUT will not be in the Program Book and will be announced only.

Changes and Cancellations During the Festival

  • Must be submitted to the BACKSTAGE MANAGER immediately with required form filled in, so music and marking sheets can be changed.

Notifications of Missing Dancers and Substitutions

  • Substitutions and missing dancers in groups are permitted but must not affect the age or group class of the original entry or they must be moved to appropriate category.

  • When submitting changes for groups please include the entry number, age class and the dancer’s names that are affected by the change.

  • If you wish to have the adjudicator notified that a dancer is missing you must notify the Backstage Manager prior to the start of the session.

  • Missing dancers that affect the group's size category (large to small, small to trio, trio to duo) will dance in the original category as entered but may be required to dance for adjudication only. The MJFD may take extenuating circumstances into consideration in order for a mark to be received.


  • If a competitor 10 years or younger runs off the stage before the performance is completed, they may re-dance with no penalties.

  • Competitor’s 11 years and older may also re-dance if they run off stage BUT will receive a 5-point deduction.

  • Re-dances for technical difficulties will not be penalized.

  • There will be a 5 point deduction from the original mark for each 30 second overtime infraction.

  • There may be a 5 point deduction or disqualification at the sole discretion of the adjudicators for the following: inappropriate language in songs, suitability of the music, gestures in routines or costuming.

  • Props requiring lengthy set up time ( over 5 mins) or excessive lead -ins may result in a 5 point timing infraction at the sole discretion of the adjudicators.

Props & Costumes

  • If you require the curtains to be closed to allow a quicker set up, please let the Backstage manager know as soon as possible

  • Props are NOT permitted in the Classical Ballet category with exception of Nursery Rhymes and Repertoire Ballets.

  • For Repertoire Ballet, props must be part of the choreography and hand held only!!!!

  • Costuming is optional.

  • Oral explanations of a dance are not permitted.

  • Set examination dances are not permitted.

  • Please be considerate of other dancers, teachers and studios and mindful of the limited space in the backstage area. Props cannot be stored backstage, or interfere with any other performances.

  • Simple props and scenery limited in size and weight are welcome in most categories, provided that they can be put on and taken off stage within a reasonable amount of time (under 5 mins). Adjudicators have the discretion to deduct marks if timeframe is too long.

  • Elaborate props are welcome in the Production Category, where a reasonable set-up and tear down time may be used, provided that MJFD is informed of both times before the festival starts for programming purposes.

Scoring for Dance Inspirations Event

  • Dance Inspirations participants will be adjudicated and receive a score out of 100% based on the following criteria.

  • 60% Technique - Execution of dance steps at appropriate skill level with proper posture and control

    30% Stage Presence, Artistry and Musicality - Good projection and visual appeal, flow of movement with music and appropriate timing

    10% Overall Impression - Quality of performance

  • Using this formula, Adjudicators will give a percentage mark and all participants in each routine will be presented with an award for their achievement. 1st, 2nd and 3rd placements will be announced in all categories.

  • Within a category, no ties are permitted for highest mark (first place), however, ties in second and third places may result.

 Achievement System:
96% and above: Diamond Plus
90 to 95.99%: Diamond
85 to 89.99%: Ruby
80 to 84.99%: Sapphire
70 to 79.99%: Emerald

Scholarships & Awards

  • Some solo scholarships require group participation or multiple solos for eligibility of the award.

  • The scholarship list will be printed in the Dance Inspirations program book.

  • Awards and scholarships will be presented at an award’s ceremony at end of competition (time TBA).

  • The final scholarship winners’ list will be posted on the Moose Jaw Festival of Dance website within 7 days of the end of the competition.

  • Scholarships are intended for furthering dance education.


  • JUNIOR- 6YRS - 10 YRS



  • 19+ YRS


  • Each category will have a separate adjudicator who specializes in that form of dance to give the dancers optimum critiquing benefits.

  • Each entry will receive written and video adjudications along with their percentage mark (unless entry is for adjudication only).

  • Video adjudications will be available at the end of the festival. 

  • Participants are asked to attend the competitor interaction time and award’s presentation held at the end of each session.

 Time Limits

  • Timing is critical and time limits for routines are strictly enforced by timers. Routines are timed from the time the first choreographed movement begins until participants leave the stage. Maximum time limits for routines are as follows:

    Solos (all ages) - 2 1/2 minutes
    Duos/Trios (all ages) - 3 minutes
    Small Groups - 5 minutes
    Large/Open Groups - 7 minutes
    Productions – 8 to 15 minutes


  • We are no longer accepting CD’S and will now be going with a standard uploading of music.

  • Should a Studio choose NOT to upload their music, it will their own responsibility to play their music at the sound booth from a device (ex. IPAD/IPOD).

  • Individual Studios will be responsible to have back-up music available with them backstage.

  • Music can be uploaded as early as when you first register, or come back and do it later, but it must be completed by April 1ST, 2019. Please note our system will only accept MP3s.  Music must be edited with fades and cuts and cued with no longer than a five second lead in.


  1. Please ensure you use the ENTRY # to label music.

  2. Log on to your account with us at: 

  3. Go to your "Dashboard".

  4. Select "Upload Music".

  5. Select "Choose File" next to the appropriate routine or dancer name and upload your MP3.

  6. If you have uploaded the wrong music, or wish to change it, simply click on the "Upload Music" link again and select the different song.

  7. It is helpful if when saving your file, you can put in the notes/comments section of the file whether the dancer(s) start on or off stage. If not, please inform our music team before each session, or at the beginning of the day for all the day’s entries.

Backstage Information

Only dancers, teachers and authorized personnel/volunteers are allowed backstage. All non-competitors must be wearing a lanyard authorizing them to be backstage.

Backstage Registration Solo’s, Duo’s & Groups

  • Studios are responsible to ensure their solo, duo/trio dancers report backstage a half an hour before their session and be in place come time to dance. It is not the Backstage Manager’s nor the volunteer’s job to find competitors

  • It is the studio’s responsibility to ensure the music man knows if your dancer(s) start on or off the stage.

  • Studios are responsible to ensure groups report to the Line- up Coordinator downstairs.

  • It is not the Line-up coordinator’s job to find groups. Groups will be sent to backstage from the TV room.

Dancer Supervision

  • Groups 14 and under must have either an adult, or a capable student supervisor, who is responsible for their conduct in the school building, auditorium, backstage and having the group prepared when called. Groups cannot be in the wing area until they are called.

  • Solo and duo/trio competitors under age of 10 must be chaperoned backstage by an adult or senior student. Parents are not allowed backstage unless they are the designated representative and have received a backstage pass for that session.


  • Practicing is not permitted on stage or behind the backstage curtains at any time.

  • No practicing in the corridors during regular school hours 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday thru Friday.

Tap Shoes

  • Tap shoes are allowed in Tap, Broadway, and Variety Classes. Due to Schoolboard regulations we ask that tap shoes be worn on stage only. Please carry tap shoes or keep taps covered at all other times.