We offer the option to upload your performance music. You can do this as early as when you first register, or come back and do it later, but it must be completed by April 1, 2017. Please note our system will only accept MP3s. Your music must be edited with fades and cuts and cued with no longer than a five second lead in.

1) log on to your account with us at: http://registration.danceinspirations.ca/Dance-Competition/login.aspx
2) go to your “Dashboard”
3) select “Upload Music”
4) select “Choose File” next to the appropriate routine or dancer name and upload your MP3
5) If you have uploaded the wrong music, or wish to change it, simply click on the “Upload Music” link again and select the different song.
6) It is helpful if when saving your file, you can put in the notes/comments section of the file whether the dancer(s) start on or off stage. If not, please inform our music team before each session, or at the beginning of the day for all the day’s entries.